SRD Road Maintenance/Plowing Requirements for Funding

  • No funding of work outside the dedicated ROW.
  • For a road to be added to SRD funding for snow plowing it has to meet the following requirements:

    a. For a finished house that is place on the tax rolls, proof may be required, SRD will plow up to 425 feet of road, anything beyond that will be considered as driveway and the home owner will be responsible for payment. This limit was based on the distance from the main road to the switchback on the unpaved portion of Snowplow Rd.

    b. No guard rail, except for those required on an approach to a bridge, up to 16 feet long.

    c. For any roads added to SRD funding, for the first two years costs will compared to the average costs per mile and no funding will be more than the average cost per mile, based on the original amount of funding set at the budget hearing. If it is found that the costs per mile for the added road is higher than the average then funding will be not exceed the average and the homeowners will be responsible for any overage. If costs are found to be less than or equal to the average, then after the two year probation period the added road will be considered in the average and funded as the original roads.

    d. Formal application has to be made to SRD to accept a road for funding.