Selkirk Recreation District Shuttle

SRD Shuttle Winter Schedule

Shuttle service has ended for the season.

To keep drivers and passengers safe and healthy, the Selkirk Recreation District shuttle will cease operations for the remainder of the ski season. We apologize for the inconvenience, but health and safety come first. The SRD Board has voted to continue to pay the drivers for the next 4 weekends as if they were working. Although this is a small percentage of the SRD budget and will not affect operations, it is a significant percentage of the drivers’ winter income and thus will have a large effect on the folks who dedicate their weekends to giving the rest of us shuttle rides. The SRD Board gives a big thank you to the drivers and riders of the shuttle, and we will have even better service next season.

Send suggestions and comments to Steve Elgar to any of the SRD Commissioners, listed here.