Selkirk Recreation District Shuttle

CALL 208 610-8980

To reserve a spot! Seating is limited.

SRD Shuttle
Summer Schedule

June 22 - September 22, 2019
Weekends and Labor Day only

Shuttle service from the Red Barn
parking lot at the base of Schweitzer Mountain
up to the village parking area.

The shuttle will have a rack system for bicycle traffic, Classic cruisers, road, or mountain bikes.

3 pick-up times per day
10am           12:00pm          2:00pm
$5.00 per person per ride


If the call volume is extremely slow during the night shift we may close at 10:30 PM. Call ahead if there is a doubt, and ask the shuttle driver if there will be a ride available to take you home after dinner.

The shuttle provides service to all residences above the fire station.  

To get home from the village, call the driver to be picked up at the bus stop where the main parking lot joins the village proper. The van may be parked there already, waiting for calls. 

Please consider tipping the driver. 

Send suggestions and comments to Steve Elgar to any of the SRD Commissioners, listed here.