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SELKIRK RECREATION DISTRICT December 27, 2022 5pm Zoom minutes

  • MINUTES, REVIEW AND APPROVE November 22, 2022 Patrick moves to approve, Steve seconds, approved.
  • FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG $276,652.26 Patrick moves to approve the check register, Steve seconds, approved.


  • Shuttle Winter, the second shuttle will start today, new cell phone is working fine.
  • Winter Plowing, Mike K will check on fire station plowing and who is paying for it. Woods has done 10full plows and 10 sands/plow truck.


  • Trash, will have two pick-ups a week over the Christmas Holidays.
  • IHD Update, Northwest Passage bridge will take 40 days to replace and will happen this summer.

ADJOURN 5:30pm

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