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SELKIRK RECREATION DISTRICT October 25, 2022 5pm Zoom minutes

  • MINUTES, REVIEW AND APPROVE August 23, 2022 Patrick moves to approve both minutes, Steve seconds, approved.
  • FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG 288,188.02, Patrick moves to approve the check register, Steve seconds, approved.


  • Shuttle Summer 157 riders, 1575.00 in revenue, cell phone needs to be updated and will no longer work by the end of the year, out dated. Patrick and Mike are working with Verizon to get a new phone.Winter shuttle, 3 people interested in being drivers, please remember that this is a startup, and top lease respect the drivers.
  • Summer Roads, Mike and the board will review as we get closer to spring and evaluate roads.
  • Winter Plowing/Contract/Coordinator Patrick moves that Mike K be the snow removal coordinator,Steve seconds, approved.


  • Bridge, SRD has not confirmed, but looks like the Northwest Passage Bridge will be replaced with a grant from the IDH and will happen in the spring.
  • IHD Update, not available for update.

ADJOURN 5:38pm

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