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SELKIRK RECREATION DISTRICT October 24, 2023, 5pm Zoom minutes

  • MINUTES, REVIEW AND APPROVE Aug 22, 2023, Sept 26, 2023 Patrick moves to approve both Aug 22 and Sept 26 minutes, Steve seconds, approved.
  • FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG Audit will be happening on 11/13/2023, Patrick moves to approve the check register, Steve seconds, approved.


  • Shuttle Update/Winter Shuttle Snow tires are being put on the shuttles and will be ready for operations around 12/15/23.
  • Summer Trails Mark is cleaning up the trail system and putting in drainage for spring runoff.


  • Snowplowing Woods Contract is signed for 23/24 season, nothing from MUC yet.
  • IHD Update Bridge is done and IHD will be contacted about the trash area.

ADJOURN 5:15pm

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