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SELKIRK RECREATION DISTRICT MINUTES August 25, 2020 5pm Zoom meeting minutes

  • ASK FOR AND ACCEPT APPROVAL OF AGENDA Steve moves, Tim seconds, approved.
  • MINUTES, REVIEW AND APPROVE June 23 and July 28, 2020 Steve moves, Tim seconds, approved.
  • FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG Bank total is 60,708.17. Patrick moves to approve check register, Steve seconds, approved.
    -Shuttle Update Winter Riders-Board still deciding to run the shuttle this winter or not.
    -Winter Plowing SRD will be plowing all of Avalanche Road.
    -Road Patching Patrick will talk with Woods about road patching, Mike K to install new pole for stop sign on Parallel.
    -Summer Mtn Bike Trails, Mike working on approval for trail next to Sparky trail.
  • ADJOURN 5:31pm

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