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SELKIRK RECREATION DISTRICT Minutes, April 23, 2019, Selkirk Lodge
Attendees - Marsha B, Tim B and Patrick W.

-ASK FOR AND ACCEPT APPROVAL OF AGENDA Masha moves, Tim seconds, approved.

-MINUTES, REVIEW AND APPROVE March 26, 2019 Tim moves, Marsha seconds, approved.

-FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG 102182.00 Patrick moves, Tim seconds, approved.


-Shuttle Update-4823 miles driven this winter on the new shuttle, 1000 for the old shuttle. 13071 total riders and 842 labor hours.

-Need some wedding on ski racks this summer, new floor mats, seat covers, crew bonus. 1 dollar per hour for bonus. Summer driver will be Farley start June 15 end sept 29.


-IHD Update-Paving should be starting on July 7 ending around August sometime, signs are in place on the road “road is not in good condition”.

-Summer roads-Woods Hauling to sweep roads, looking for bids to pave Mogul and Village lane.

ADJOURN 5:30pm

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