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SELKIRK RECREATION DISTRICT Minutes, December 18, 2018, Selkirk Lodge
CONFRIMED QUORUM – Marsha B, Steve E, and Tim B
Guests: Mel Bailey, Mike Kirkpatrick, Kent Lawson

Meeting called to order at 5:12 PM

ASK FOR AN ACCEPT APPROVAL OF AGENDA - Steve moves and Tim seconds, approved

FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG - Currently have $155,492.06 in checking, saving and LGIP accounts. Tim moves, Steve seconds, approved. Marsha provided information form the Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU), paying 2.55% on 12 month CDs and allowing a one-time withdrawal without penalty and accruing interest to the date of withdrawal. The LGIP currently has $8087.20 and pays about 0.1875%. MOTION: Marsha made a motion to close the LGIP account and place two CDs with ICCU for the amount of $25,000 each for 12 months. Tim seconded, APPROVED.

Shuttle update – there were 278 riders in November. At the request of SMR the shuttle ran on Dec 14, 2018, Community day. There were only 2 riders. The vans are currently stored outside. Mike is keeping track of the time it takes him to dig the vans out of the snow before he can drive them. Mike is still looking for a place to park them inside for the winter, at least during the week days.

Snowplowing – There have been 7 full snow plows and 3 uses of the sander.

Winter Trails – Minor work has been done.

IHD Update – A parking agreement has been reached with Blue Beetle #2 and the IHD. After signing and notarizing, it will be recorded. This allows the owners to park in the right of way as long as they do not impede traffic, snow plowing, nor emergency vehicles. The IHD Schweitzer Transportation Plan final draft is out for review. It will be distributed via an eblast giving the email address to access it. Note the attachments that provide an assessment of the secondary road conditions and costs to repair.

January meeting is on January 22, 2019

Meeting adjourned at 5:54 pm

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